Web Design

Apart from the look and feel of the web sites, our priority is to design sites for faster loading and browser compatibility. With a combination of CSS layouts, Javascripts and some creativity, we ensure a fully interactive, well laid out, faster loading web site that will keep your web visitors coming back to your site.
When it comes to open source web design, our team of designers and developers, who specialize in Wordpress and Joomla, can take your website to the next level

Database Development

One of the true hallmarks of doing business in the information age is the sheer volume of data that even relatively small businesses need to handle on a daily basis. Whether your key issues involve better management of internal data flows (intranet), external data flows (Internet) or a combination of the two, CyberiaWeb can work closely with your key staff members to develop data management systems based on the way your business operates right now. Secure, intelligent, flexible solutions designed to fit your business needs today, and grow with you in the future.

Graphics Design

Simplicity in design is the fundamental concept we work with when designing. We work closely with you to create a visual identity that will be unique to your business. Your schedule and timeline dictate the pace at which we work.
Brochure designs, print advertisement graphics, business card designs, and product print design are some of the things we create.

Online Marketing

With an access to over 1.2 billion internet users worldwide, your business could be talking directly to customers across international borders, across international time zones. How could you lose?
Quite easily as it turns out. The realities of online marketing have proved more difficult than most traditional marketing consultants would have you believe. With CyberiaWeb's online marketing experience, it's a win win situation. We can work with you to set the goals, and then design the campaign to achieve them.

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce is an aspect of e-business. Just like normal businesses, where the commerce arm involves the sales aspect, e-commerce is the order processing and fulfilling part of e-business. CyberiaWeb can work with your company to provide the best e-commerce solutions for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a highly diverse and complex process that starts with good, descriptive content. We use keyword analysis, valid CSS and XHTML, then move to link building and Google Adwords Campaigns.

We specialize in open-source web design and more:

  • Wordpress themes
  • Joomla themes
  • Zend-cart development
  • Custom web design