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About Fixopress Admin

| 11 February 2018 | |

Fixopress Admin is a decoupled, customizable, content management system. 



Open source

Built in Javascript and React.js. Full source code, permissive license.


Edit structured, highly connected documents collaboratively



Lightweight & pluggable

Extend with your own data types, custom user interfaces and third-party integrations.

Block editor

Rich text editor yields structured data. Embed editable data in running text. Defer markup to render time. No HTML, ever!



Fixopress CMS provides you with a variety of tools for administering your system - setting workflows, user management, site synchronization, connectivity, and more. Using the administration sections, you can modify all Fixopress CMS settings entirely through the Fixopress admin interface


User Guide

Table of contents

  • Create Pages
  • Manage Pages
  • Manage Blog
  • Manage Slider
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Administrators


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