A Quick Intro to cPanel’s Interface

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A Quick Intro to cPanel’s Interface

| 31 January 2018 | |

Once you’ve logged in, you should see a screen something like this:

This is the newest version of cPanel for 2016. It uses a theme called “Paper Lanterns”.

Getting Around in cPanel

Search Bar

At the top of cPanel just below the navigation bar is a handy search bar you can use to find functions quickly. Just punch in what you’re after, and cPanel will dig it up for you!


Navigation Bar

On the top right corner of the screen is the navigation bar, with “Search Features”, Account Management, Notifications and Logout.

Search Features is the same as your search bar, and you can use it from any page in cPanel.

Account Management is where you can go to change your password, language, style or contact information. And if anything gets messed up, you can reset the page with a single click!

Notifications is where you will get critical updates from cPanel like security concerns, out-of-date apps or other must-know information.

Logout is pretty obvious – but remember to use it every time you’re finished with cPanel.


Along the left hand side of your screen, you’ll see a sidebar with four icons. From the top down, these stand for Home, Statistics, Dashboard and User Management.

Home is the primary page of the cPanel where you’ll access most of its functions.

Statistics shows you important numbers like how many email accounts, file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts and domain names you have, as well as how much bandwidth and disk space you’re using.

Dashboard is a quick reference page where you’ll find links to some of the most commonly used links of the site, as well as at-a-glance looks at your bandwidth and disk space usage, mail statistics and more.

User Management is where you can add or remove users from your account.
Here, you can also see which email accounts you’ve set up, as well as who has access to your FTP and web disk in case you’re sharing an account with other users or admins.

Reorganizing cPanel’s Home Page

You can collapse sections by clicking on “-“ sign in the top right corner to minimize any you don’t use.

If you’d like, you can also drag and drop entire sections to reorganize the order and put the sections you use first at the top and save time.


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