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About Fixopress

| 30 January 2018 | |

Fixopress is an API-driven content management system for custom databases. It decouples content for use in apps, websites, or any other data-driven projects.

It was originally released in 2014 by Fixotech, a software development company that got its start building bespoke websites.

You can see the features of Fixopress on the features section. 

How Fixopress Works

Like many content management systems, Fixopress allows you to customize your entry forms and organize your content and data into content buckets.

The Fixopress way is similar to some other CMSs with a few conveniences (like the ability to reuse a field multiple times across different content sections).

API-Based CMS features

No Pages, please
Fixopress is not page but content fragment based. We are free to define the content fragment metadata/structure (called Document Masks) and then fill in the content. Content fragments are later on can be fetched via RESTfull API using special query language

Collaboration and Version Control
Release planning features and attaching a piece of content to particular release

Clean HTML
You can use Markdown editor or build-in editor to manage your content.

Google SEO Friendly
Web pages are seo friendly.

Availability, Scalability and Speed
RESTfull API and correct release management makes proper caching and scaling a piece of cake. .

Fixopress API-based CMS gives you the full control and flexibility that you need without losing the ability to externalise content. 

Fixopress Self-Hosted
Fixopress Self-Hosted is the free downloadable version of the framework for use in DIY implementations. If you need to install Fixopress on your own server or you're looking to extend Fixopress, then this is the version for you.

Fixopress Cloud
Fixopress Cloud is a highly scalable DBaaS (Database as a Service) platform for developers looking to easily give their clients an intuitive cloud-based interface for managing app/website content.

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